Government of Yukon to Postpone Implementation of Recycling Regulations

On Tuesday, July 12th, the Government of Yukon announced that it will postpone the implementation of Yukon’s amended recycling regulations to provide for additional consultation with industry. The decision to delay was based on a recommendation from the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce. The implementation date was originally October 11th, 2016, the new implementation date is August 1, 2017.


More information can be found on the Government of Yukon website at:


For questions or comments, email or call 1-888-988-2499.

Amendments to the Yukon Designated Materials Regulation


Yukon government is pleased to announce amendments to the Designated Materials Regulation to support waste diversion and enhance recycling. These amendments were modeled based on information from established systems in other Canadian jurisdictions and after a full consultation with stakeholders and the Yukon public.


These amended regulations set surcharges on the sale of new electronic and electrical products at the point-of-purchase in order to provide free collection and recycling of these products to Yukon residents. The new products and corresponding surcharges are listed in the Schedule to the Regulation and in the table attached to this letter.


Surcharges collected for the sale of new electronic and electrical products into Yukon will be collected by our administrator, forwarded to the Minister and deposited into the Recycling Fund. The Recycling Fund is dedicated towards paying for the collection, processing, transportation and recycling of these items.


The amended regulations create the following four new responsibilities:


  1. Producers of new electronic and electrical products are required to register in order to supply these products in Yukon. The definition of “producer” includes all members of the supply chain such as manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We have engaged the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) to administer the registration and collection of remittances on behalf of the Yukon government. Producers must register at:


  1. All producers who are supplying new electronic and electrical products for which no surcharge has been remitted, will be required to remit the applicable surcharge to the program. Remittance of the surcharge is required on all units supplied into the Yukon effective October 11th, 2016.


  1. All producers will be required to report on the number of new electronic and electrical products sold to accompany the remittance. Reporting and remitting on units sold is effective October 11th, 2016. The frequency for reporting and remittance will be set by Yukon government and implemented through the online system for registration and reporting.


  1. All producers must keep records such as: the total number and type of new electronic and electrical products supplied by that producer, the total surcharges collected for the supplied products (for remitting producers), and the name and contact information for other producers to whom the producer has purchased product from or sold product to. Please be advised that an Environmental Protection Officer may request copies of these records at any time. Records must be maintained for six years.


Please refer to the Designated Materials Regulation for full details. You may access the amended regulations online at


Important timeline

Producers supplying new electronic and electrical products captured in the amended regulations must complete the registration process before October 11, 2016. On this date, surcharges on new electronic and electrical products will apply and the regulation will come into full effect. Yukon government is committed to working with you and industry to support a smooth transition to this new system.


If you have any questions about whether you are required to register, please contact Environment Yukon at 867-667-5683 or


Thank you for your role in contributing to the protection of Yukon’s environment.